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With so many shopping options available, it’s easy to make an impulse buy or two. And while you might love that new sweater or pair of shoes, your budget might not be so fond of it. Amazon has made shopping online easier than ever. However, their one-stop shop also means that you can accidentally order the wrong item or a product you don’t want. Fortunately, the company makes it easy to return items that you’re not happy with and get your money back quickly. If you receive an Amazon product and it isn’t what you ordered, is damaged or broken, or just isn’t right for you, then read on to find out how to return Amazon products. It might seem daunting at first, but with these simple tips and tricks, you won’t regret buying from Amazon again! While returning products on Amazon might seem like an awful lot of steps to follow, that is not the case when you are out to explore and play casino slots. There are several casinos out there, but when you visit the 7slots casino, you will find the easiest-to-play slot games. So, do not forget to try them out.

How to Return Amazon Products: Basics

When you buy something from Amazon, you have two options for returning items:

  1. You can request an Amazon return label and ship the product back to them yourself.
  2. You can schedule a pickup, and an Amazon employee will come to your house to pick up the item. 

While the first option is cheaper, it takes more time and effort on your part. The second option is free, but it can take a few days to schedule a pickup. When you return an item, Amazon will issue a refund to your payment method. You’ll get the refund within two days of Amazon receiving your return unless the item is being returned due to a damaged condition or a false advertising complaint. If that’s the case, you might have to wait as long as 90 days for your refund.

How to Return Amazon Products: Organizing your Return

So, you’ve decided to return an item you bought from Amazon. Great! Before you put it in the box, it’s a good idea to take a few moments to make sure you don’t forget anything. First, take a look at the item itself. Is it damaged or broken? If so, make a note of that and include a picture of the damage in your return documentation. You’ll be happy you did when the return is approved, and you get your refund faster. Next, make sure you have the receipt. You can use the receipt to speed up the return process by mailing it in the packaging with the item.

How to Return Unwanted Items from Amazon

If you ordered the wrong item or just didn’t want the item anymore, then you can return it for an Amazon return. The return process for unwanted items is the same as for defective items. Simply follow the steps below to return an unwanted item. Sign into your Amazon account. Hover over “Your Account” and click “Your Orders.” Click the “Items” tab on the left to view a list of your orders. Select the item you want to return. Click the “Return” button in the top right corner. Select the reason for the return. Amazon will then ask you for more details about the return. Give the reason for your return, the condition of the item, and any other relevant details. You can also add pictures of the item if you think it will help your case. Once you’re done, click “Submit.”

How to Return Defective Items from Amazon

If the item you purchased is damaged or broken, then you can return it as defective. However, you have to be careful when making this decision. There are a few rules to follow: The item must be defective. If it’s just broken, it doesn’t qualify as defective. The damage must be the result of a defect in the item. For example, you can’t return an item because you spilled coffee on it — that’s your fault, not the items. You must report the defect to Amazon within 30 days of receiving the item. Contact Amazon customer service and explain the situation. They’ll help you decide whether to return the item as defective. Once you know the item qualifies as defective, you can use the same process for returning unwanted items.

Whether you are returning an item because it is damaged or you changed your mind, be mindful that you put in your request within the set return date and adhere to the return policies mentioned by Amazon for each category or product that you purchase. This will make the process a smoother experience for you to continue loving the brand. Be informed, empowered and shop to your heart’s content.

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