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Custom Varsity Jackets worn as uniforms that have traditionally symbolized the initials of schools and institutions represented by athletes. Simply put, a varsity jacket becomes a letterman jacket when worn by a senior high school student, and a varsity jacket when worn by a college-level athlete.

Varsity style, also known as the “Letterman” jacket,  dates back to the 1930s and has long been synonymous with American jock culture. A casual jacket with a round collar and sleeves, often in contrasting colors. The fashionable version was traditionally worn by members of the Varsity Sports Team. It is more loosely used to represent a team.

Alibaba is providing us with a variety of the best varsity jacket custom for customers and buyers. It is a wholesale market for buyers who want to buy large quantities of products at the lowest prices. Alibaba enables buyers to deal directly with manufacturers to create customized products and realize significant cost savings.

Material Used To Varsity Jackets

We can use different kinds of materials for making custom varsity jackets. Genuine leather is the most commonly used leather for school jackets due to its wide availability and low cost, as well as its toughness, durability, and resistance to water and dirt. Materials used to make varsity jackets are Faux Leather, Melton Wool, Cotton Fleece, Polyester Satin, Cotton, Mohair, Cashmere, Flannel, and Hemp.

Logo On The Custom Varsity Jackets

There is a logo on the varsity jacket. Where do you put your logo on the jacket? The logo is recommended to be placed in the front pocket of the chest, behind the jacket, or both. The logo is placed directly on the chest pocket or on the back of the jacket for an elegant look that stands out from the brand. The point of the college letter is to reward people who excel in certain activities, whether athletics or art.

Varsity Jackets In Style

Varsity jackets are in full swing at the  2022 Fall and  Winter shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Models and visitors preferred the colorful vintage style, adorned with playful patches and appliqués.

Another major reason why the custom varsity jacket remains incredibly popular is that it is considered sportswear. Most colleges and high schools give these varsity jackets to students attending sports and competitions to help represent leading educational institutions.

Wholesale High-Quality Custom Varsity Jackets On Alibaba

Dongguan Dandan Garment Company Ltd provides the best custom varsity jackets through an online website Alibaba. A variety of custom varsity jackets of different designs and materials of the best quality care available. 

  • Customized desirable design
  • The supply type is  OEM service
  • Sampling time is 7 to 15 days
  • The sample fee is refundable when the bulk order reached 500 pieces
  • sublimation printing, embroidery, heat press, and so on


In this article, we discuss the important information about the custom varsity jackets. Its benefits, materials, and designs. This article provides information about Alibaba supplies. The best wholesale varsity jackets are available online on Alibaba. Varsity Jackets are in style due to their benefits. If you really want to buy customized varsity jackets just open the Alibaba website.

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